Betzi was recommended to me by a friend right after I had cancer surgery and worked with me through Chemo and radiation. I had run 10 triathlons prior to the surgery and with her help kept running 8+ miles a week during radiation/chemo. Betzi understood what I was going through and worked to keep me active and healthy. Even when my energy and sprits were the lowest her expert massage helped me keep going. I highly recommend her; she is reliable, courteous, professional, and a life saver! —Chas C.

I found Betzi almost twelve years ago through my chiropractor. She has relieved pain for me, my husband, and most of our adult children for all that time. I have a tremendous amount of tension in my neck and she never fails to give me relief. She also goes out of her way to fit me into her schedule when I need her help quickly. I cannot say enough about her skill and kindness. Her presence alone helps you to relax and feel better. —Annette O.

Betzi is one of the seemingly few Massage Therapists who continually educate themselves. She is knowledgeable about the entire anatomy of the body, health issues that contribute to pain and how to help relieve that pain. She is quiet spoken, serene and gentle. A massage session with Betzi will leave you feeling both physically better and spiritually uplifted. —Deb J.

After suffering a back injury from a car accident, I tried physical therapy and massage therapy. I tried several different massage therapists, but gave up after 3 did nothing to improve the pain. A friend then told me about Betzi and told me that she was the only one who helped her back pain, so I decided to give massage therapy one last try. I found within two sessions with Betzi, my back was essentially pain free!! I now have no back pain, and when I do, I call her and she sees me asap. I have never been a big believer in massage therapy for pain, maybe for relaxation purposes... But needless to say I am now a Betzi believer. —Nicole D.

I have had the pleasure of being treated by Betzi for over 3 years now for chronic low back pain and overall stress management. Betzi is the ultimate professional - she has over 20 years experience as a massage therapist and is trained and certified in a number of techniques. I know she works with people who have had recent or chronic injuries and illnesses as well as relatively healthy folks who want to manage their stress better. As a professional, she is constantly seeking to support her already extensive knowledge base through continuing education and certification. As a person, she is warm, friendly and intuitive - she can zero in on exactly what the trouble is and where it manifests in the body. I've had many massage therapists over the years, and Betzi is, by far, the best I've ever had! Sure, you can get a massage at a school with inexperienced students or one of those impersonal "massage factories" that charge next to nothing, but you get what you pay for. Betzi's prices are extremely competitive and very reasonable - especially considering the high quality, personalized care that you will receive from her. I promise that you will not be disappointed when you get a massage from Betzi. She's truly one of the "hidden gems" of Los Angeles! Denise G.

I went to Betzi for prenatal massage regularly in my second and third trimesters. It was heaven! Betzi’s gentle hands, loving nature, and mountain of pillows eased my sciatica and my general aches and pains. Our sessions left me feeling rested and relaxed. Betzi was an integral part of my prenatal care and I wouldn’t want to go through another pregnancy without her! A.A.

As an athlete who works out every day, I view regular massage as essential to my workout plan. Betzi’s unique myofascial approach to massage is superior to any I have previously had. She is able to work on the fascia surrounding the muscle to make it less constricted. My experience with other massage therapists is a “one size fits all” approach. Betzi has a unique gift in recognizing the amount of pressure that should be applied to each body part. Try her massage--you won’t regret it! S.B.

My schedule is so unusual that I really appreciate how flexible Betzi is in making appointments. She really caters to her clients, not just in the application of her amazing massage technique, but in overall service. 

Before I came to see Betzi I was in so much pain that it hurt to sit at work. A few months prior to seeing her I was in a car accident and had injured my upper back. I thought I would be fine, but the pain continued to get worse as time passed until I finally decided to do something about it. I found Betzi through Blue Cross and through her work I found relief! Betzi, made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. She always maintains complete professionalism, balancing it with a warm friendliness. Thanks Betzi, you’re the best massage therapist in L.A.! L.F.

Betzi's work is important preventive medicine for my body. Beyond the immediate sensations of relief and absolute well being experienced on the table, the long-term health benefits are marked. An hour under Betzi's care extends well into weeks and months as regular maintenance accumulates, contributing to optimal, joyful functioning. —M.V.

Betzi's caring and concern for her client comes through in her healing touch. She is able to fine-tune her massage to exactly what is needed on each visit. She is as fine a massage therapist as can be found. Through her, I have come to see massage as an important aspect of my health maintenance program. —N.L.

I have found Betzi Stein to be an excellent massage therapist. She has great knowledge concerning the body and how to work on and relieve painful areas. I have chronic back and neck problems and Betzi has many different ways of treating my discomfort. I have recommended her to several of my friends who have all found her to be most helpful for their particular problems. She is also very professional as well as being a caring and sensitive human being. On a one to ten, she is definitely a ten! —J.C.

Betzi has an incredibly intuitive gift as she seems to read the body and all of its tensions and blockages through her hands. Having utilized numerous bodyworkers in the past, I find that Betzi surpasses just using technique and provides a truly healing experience. —A.S.

I've been a regular client of Betzi Stein's for years. My initial appointments were to get the stress in my neck and shoulders under control; some days I had to turn my body to see someone standing next to me, and I couldn't turn my head to check a blind spot while driving. Those parts still need work every visit, but I'm able to turn my head from shoulder-to-shoulder without stiffness and my shoulders are much looser. Her full body work is great as well, and by the time she reaches my feet I'm often asleep. Each appointment is a little different. There is a routine, but her hands also guide her to the spots that need more work. And when I've injured myself on the weekend (or at the gym) she'll usually be able to relax the muscles in the injured area and get me back to a balanced posture pretty quickly.

For comparison, I've been to other massage therapists in spas and elsewhere, and I've never had the urge to revisit any of them in particular. I've also had acupuncture/acupressure, and while this was more helpful than massage for a specific shoulder injury (PT didn't help, and surgery was out), I found this treatment to be too site specific. And I've been told that I'm pretty good at giving massages and that I "find" sore spots with my hands that the massagee wasn't aware of, which makes me value Betzi's talents all the more. Betzi is a lovely, caring, and friendly person, and a businesswoman too. I recommend her highly. 
—Joe D.

I have been going to Betzi for over 6 years now, and since then, I no longer have daily pain in my shoulders and neck. I've been to many massage therapists over the years, looking for someone who could truly help me, and finally found Betzi through a friend's recommendation. I'm so glad I did. When I started with her, my muscles were unbelievably hard and tense, and it took several weeks for her to get me to a point where she could really begin to work with them. She took on the challenge and did wonders for me. She is also a lovely human being, and going to her for a massage is a peaceful oasis in a very busy week. I highly recommend her work. —Cheryl F.

Betzi is a uniquely talented, intuitive massage therapist. She addresses particular proplem areas (even if you're not sure the cause) with focus and care. You will get a massage that is specific for your needs. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a good, professional massage and the feelings of being taken care of, particularly if you have any medical issues. —K.K.

Betzi Stein has not only taken care of my body on a regular "maintenance" schedule but she has come to my almost immediate aid and rescue when I have done something stupid...like not warm up or stretch. To me, Betzi does not just massage therapy but corrective therapy.
By the way, Betzi has taken care of me for over 15 years. —Carolyn D.

I've been going to Betzi on a regular basis for well over a year now (very possibly longer -- I've lost track) and she's worth every penny. In fact, given some tough family events that have happened to me lately (and the stress they caused), I would say she's practically saved my life. Maybe that's hyperbole, but this is not: I woke up one morning with sciatica so bad that it hurt to sit (never happened to me before in my life, but again, I've been super-stressed), and I was due to get on a plane later that same day (for a red-eye, no less). I emailed Betzi early in the morning for an emergency appointment, and she fit me in. She then proceeded to make the sciatica go away to the point where the plane ride was absolutely comfortable and I was good to go the next morning (again, after a not-so-restful red-eye flight, plus the trip I was going on was physically demanding). In summary: This woman is not messing around. She knows her stuff. Just try her. (PS - I work a job that makes me sit in front of a computer for very long stretches, and, along with exercise, Betzi's massages have been the key to keeping my body in good working order!) —A.G.

I have had many massages over the years, and it doesn't get any better than Betzi. She is extremely knowledgeable and will work with you to loosen all the tight spots while still making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I am not only recommending Betzi's massage, but I like her personally and highly recommend her. —Don G.

I have been a regular client of Betzi's for over three years. She is a wonderful, caring massage therapist with a wide variety of techniques to relieve whatever problems you may have or to just give you a relaxing, de-stressing massage. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a healing experience. —R.C.

Betzi Stein is a long time personal friend and recently I was having serious shoulder pain and got to experience first hand the wonderful work Betzi is doing. My shoulder pain is gone and I have had no recurring problems. Her work environment is very comfortabl and relaxing. She is a true professional and excels in the art of massage therapy. —Mamie H.

Betzi has been massaging my really tight shoulders, neck, and back on a regular basis for over a decade and has greatly improved how I feel. She pays good attention to my individual needs, especially the tension from my daily use of my computer. When she's finished, I always feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready for whatever I need to do. Also, she's a very warm and helpful human being. —JoEllen Y.

Betzi has been my massage therapist for many years and I am still amazed that she knows the exact spots to massage out the knots without even having to tell her where I hurt. She is intuitive and has an excellent knowledge of the body's mechanics. —Jacquie N.

Betzi Stein is the most wonderful massage therapist who we have been seeing for many, many years and she is, simply, excellent. Not only is her touch amazing, healing and always exactly the right amount of pressure, but she is also kind and sweet and honorable as a human being. —J.B. and A.A.

I got home Friday and realized my spine was straight...better than going to a chiropractor. I am sleeping better and am looser than I have been (maybe in years.) My sinuses are clearer and I feel an overall sense of better well-being. —R.T.

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