Because Betzi believes that massage therapy should be affordable, especially in these difficult economic times, she has incorporated a flexible pricing policy called Honor System Pricing that allows people to experience the benefits of her high level of skill and sensitivity acquired since 1987.

Pay her standard rates if you are able.

Standard Rates

$50 30 Minutes
$100 60 Minutes
$150 90 Minutes

Travel and Setup: $55 minimum. Additional charges may apply for travel in excess of 30 minutes each direction.

Advance Purchase Discount Packages*

60 Minute Sessions

5 at $93 (7% discount) $465
10 at $90 (10% discount) $900
15 at $88 (12% discount) $1320
20 at $85 (15% discount) $1700

90 Minute Sessions

5 at $140 (7% discount) $700
10 at $135 (10% discount) $1350
15 at $132 (12% discount) $1980
20 at $128 (15% discount) $2560

*Travel and setup costs are calculated separately and added to the package prices for outcall services.

Honor System Price Ranges*

$30 - $50 30 Minutes
$55 - $100 60 Minutes
$105 - $150 90 Minutes

*Honor System Pricing rates apply only to sessions taken in her office.

Tipping policy: Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. The greatest complement you can offer is the referral of your friends and family.


Call today at 310 202-0474.
Available 7 days/evenings by appointment.
In or Out Calls to Home, Workplace, or Hospital.

Please note that Betzi is unable to take calls while in session. Please leave a message on her voicemail and she will return your call as soon as possible. You may also email her with questions or appointment requests.


Cancellation policy: As a courtesy, please provide 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for your appointment.


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